Friday, 11 January 2013


All of blogger in the world want a big traffic on their blog, like a ranning.. couse if the traffic always throw @ stay on your blog.. that a good news, with blog, you cant do anything, money, friend, girlfriend and anything, if you want money, you can oin with many of Advertiser in the world, if you want a girlfriend.. you must hardworking with blogwalking trick.. but, if you want something.. you must to learn how to do it.. because the wrong step will be destroy you planning.. haha that sound a terrorist. We not terrorist or bad guy, we a gud guy.. 

So if you want a free traffic to your blog.. i bold that FREE TRAFFIC, you must to do what i do.. i will give you a simple tutorial. I dont want to talk much, we back to what we must to do.. the name of this tutorial is "Related Post From Linkwithin".


(Gif picture tutorial, please wait for full image)

First, go to :

Second : Fill the blank box (Email, Blog Link, Platform, Width)

** If you used the dark background, please tick "My blog has light text on a dark background"

Third : Get Widget - Copy content from linkwithin - Paste on your blank HTML/Javascript.

Fourth : Well done!  Your article blog will be related with the other article from your blog. Your visitor will stay a long time to finish what they want to read. The key is, your article must be unique.. the unique article will make your visitor read and read and read.. how about that? awesome kan? hihi..Next tutorial CARA UNTUK UPLOAD GAMBAR DI BLOGSPOT


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