Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Assalamualaikum.. hello there, how are you today? bad day or good day? if you have a bad day.. dont afraid to confronted him, the best way is.. raise your hand, and pray to Allah, insyaallah your problem will be solved. I dont want to talking so much about bad or good day, because today Allah helping me with many way, i think, this semester i can finish my graduate. Insyaallah, Amin.

So today, i want share tutorial about How To Create Facebook Fanpage?. If i have a face fanpage, what so usefulness and what happen on my blog if i dont create it? In my opinion, facebook fanpage is very usefull. The facebook fanpage will help your blog so famous and get many link from facebook, if you dont want to create it, there is nothing happens to your blog.. so, its up to you. My suggestions is, just try and u will get your traffic from facebook. (^_^)

I give you tutorial from GIF image.. so please wait a full image, or if your connections is bad, just read tutorial in text below the GIF image tutorial. Enjoy..

1. Choose your page function (cause or community) - Fill the blank box (If you dont understand, please see the image GIF tutorial)

2. Done! now How To Link The Fanpage To Your Blog?

2. Fill the blank boxs :
  • Facebook Page URL : http://www.facebook.com/KBMnBBB.
  • Width : Costomize according to your layout blog. (292).
  • Height : My suggestions, blank it.
  • Show Faces : Tick the show faces.
  • Color Scheme : Up to you.
  • Stream : If your want show the stream (daily update), tick the blank box.
  • My suggestions, blank it.
  • Header : Its like (Find us on Facebook) Use it!
3. Get the code - choose IFRAME - copy and paste to your HTML/Javascripts. 

How about that? in you dont understand How To Create Facebook Fanpage, please see @ use the GIF image tutorial, them will help you. Or if you dont understand anything, please leave you problem on comment box, or directly on my email : duad1989@gmail.com.


  1. info nya penting banget.
    izin bookmarks

  2. menarik....banyak artikel menarik dalam blog ini...makanya saya senang kalau berkunjung ke sini.....selain baca2 juga belajar bagaimana caranya ngeblog....thanks


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