Monday, 14 January 2013


Hello my friend.. today, i want share tutorial about How To Upload Picture On Your Blog? follow the easy step below. Wait, i give you a some picture in GIF format, so.. please wait a full image, if not.. you dont understand what i want to teel you about this tutorial. But don't worry, after the GIF picture, i already added tutorial in text to.. so if you have a low connection, just read the text tutorial. Gud luck.

(Please wait for full image)

Text tutorial How To Upload Picture On Your Blog?

1. Click insert image

2. Click choose file

3. Choose your picture

4. Click open - Wait the upload prosesing has finish.

5. Click the picture.. Done! your picture will appear on your blog post!

Leave your comment if you dont know how to upload picture on your blog post, insyaallah i will help you. Dont forget give the feedback. That help me for improve my tutorial skill.. Thanks, may Allah be with you. Amin. Please your suggestions :


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