Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Create Blogspot 2013

Hello alls..today and the next day i will teach you how to create a new blog in this year, of course 2013. Before this tutorial, i create a many tutorial exspecially about blogspot. To create the new 2013 blogspot is very simple and easy. Just follow this step :

How To Create Blogspot 2013

1. Go to : http://www.blogger.com/. Before you click and go to home blogger, you must have one email to continue for new blog. I recomended you Google Mail (GMail). Please sign up here : https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLoginAuth.

2. After you finish and get one Gmail, just go to blogger home : http://www.blogger.com/. Choose your Title, Address and Template, but better u must know how the best for your blog, if u like or love to write about Personal, your Title and Address must be same, or almost same, its good for Google Search Engine. IF not, Google must not understand what the way from your blog. That the bad news.

3. Then the last step, click Create blog!. If u understand, please see the screenshort above. Or u can large the picture with click on the picture. Gud Luck. After this lesson, we will learn How To Start New Posting. God Be With You.


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