Sunday, 21 April 2013

Increase Traffic With Blogwalking Widget

For incrase your traffic and get a big visitor.. you blog must have blogwalking widget, ever heard CBOX widget? that for chit-chat, among visitors who come on your blog. It is not only get beuty your blog, but u will get some informations about your visitor. Like blog URL, blogger NAME and what they want to tell you. Want to get @ register CBOX blogwalking widget? ok today we together learn how to put CBOX blogwalking widget on your blogspot, but you must know how to use the HTML/JAVASCRIPT. (please refer HERE). ** I will tranlste them later.

There (Google) a many Blogwalking widget u can find, if u dont know how to find them, i suggest u use this blogwalking widget, that easy and simple steps.. light and simple interview, i love this widget. Ok now lets get a many of visitors.

1. Sign up here (LINK).

Increase Traffic With Blogwalking Widget

2. Fill blank boxs - Cbox Name - Email Address - Password - Confirm Password - Website - Languange - Style - Tick terms and conditions - Create My Cboxs!. SS will guide you alls.

Increase Traffic With Blogwalking Widget

3. U can get the confirmations link from your email (Gmail). Now u can login to your Cbox with your password and username.

Increase Traffic With Blogwalking Widget

4. After that, successfully login to your account (Cbox), now the time Edit your Cbox for get look like Beuty and simple design what u needed.

Increase Traffic With Blogwalking Widget

5. The last step, follow intructions from top SS. Well done !

Good Luck everyone.. see you next tutorials.. dont forget to leave your comment on comment box, ohh almost forget, dont forget to put the html code (Cbox) on your HTML/JAVASCRIPT blank box. After that, just save and see your first page. (^_^).


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