Saturday, 20 April 2013

Latest Blogspot Template 2013

Tired search for blogspot template? or try to search a new perfect template.. i think, i'd found a good + perfect template for Blogger, where u can found them (template)? that easy, you can find them at Blogspot (more options) template, hehehe.. that easy huh? Ok now we together learn how to use this template (Blogspot template).

Blogspot Template 2013

1. Go to Blogger Home, dont forget to login your Email (Gmail).

2. More Options - Template (scroll down) - You will be taken to blogspot templates.

Blogspot Template 2013

3. Choose the latest template. Please scroll down and search Dinamic Views template. Choose any template u want to use it. If u dont understand, please See the top screenshort.

Dont forget to preview first the template u choosing. For preview the template, click your template and look and look and look, afer you satisfied with your choice template, now u can apply the template for your blogspot. Good Luck and dont forget your questions.


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