Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How To Ping Your Website

How To Ping Your Website

Hello my friends.. long time no see, hehe.. not your fault, you guys a good blogger.. always update and blogwalking, not like me.. a lazy blogger, i have a many work to do.. so i have no time to update a new entry. But dont worry, today we will learn How To Ping Blogspot. That a simple tutorial and i think u already know what it is Ping. So above insyaallah i will figured to your anything about Ping, Pinging Your Site or Blogspot. Ok.. lets start !

Each search engine provide many off pinging services like PingOMatic, Blog Ping, PingdotCom and etc. You can use this keyword for try another ping service on internet. Also, you can try one by one on a many off list for ping service but dont forget, if you use pings toll from any website to much.. your blog will be detected as a spammer, that not good for your blogspot.

After this i will give you a several ping tools for healthy your traffic. I never tell about ping tools because the ping service have a same function, excess and benefit. That not means i dont want to tell about ping tools, i have important information for you alls.. if you want your new content indexed by Google, this tools is very useful and better then another ping tool..

(Blogger Ping Tools) Click the link, please Skip Ads from Adf and Adfoc. Now u should be stand on simple ping service website.. seriously that not a joke, even its look like very simple and easy to use, for your knowledge, thats a true ping tools for your blogspot. Usually after i finish my new entry on my blog, the first page i open is (Blogger Ping Tools).

So what u waiting for? lets go and ping your website on (Blogger Ping Tools), that good for your website healthy, before i forget, another ping tool where u get, they have a same facilities and how tu use it, dont worry, just try and insyaallah u will get what u want to. Gud luck guys.


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