Saturday, 27 April 2013

How To See My Blogspot Statistic

Are u already register any applications related statistic on your blogspot? If you dont, or dont know how to do if you want to see overall your blog statistic, easy and do not dizzy, because the statistic application already added on your site of course blogspot domain. At statistic blogspot, we will see any stat like Pageviews, Graph and Traffic source where your visitor everyday passing on your site. Let's learn How To See My Blogspot Statistic :

How To See My Blogspot Statistic

Open you Blogpsot Account - More Options - Overview. You will be taken to Overview page, there you should be look overall of your blogspot statistic. What we get at there? we have Pageviews (Graph), Updates (Sub updates) and Newsfrom blogger. After that on Overviews page, go to Stats, at stats we have Detail Graph, you can to choose when you want to see you blogspot statistic (top button), we have pageviews in text, Popular post and traffic source.

That my blogspot statistic.. how about you guys? i know u always great then me.. if you brave, share here your statistic ScreenShort.. hehehe..  almost forgot, u can register to at Nuffnang for see your blogspot statistic, not only what i tell you ok friend, try this keyword "Statistic Widget For Blogspot" hope will help you, many of widget from that keyword. Just try it. Good Luck Guys !!


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