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7 Great Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with others and spread information to readers. The fun part about it, is that you can blog about anything you want! The topic choice is all up to you. Of course that doesn't mean just because you blog about "Cool New Socks" that everyone will want to read about it, but still it is your choice. Whether you are blogging just because you want to share information or you are doing it to create a profit and deliver good content to your readers, the basics still apply to both.

I wanted to create a list of basic tips for bloggers who are just starting, or even haven't started at all but are interested. So let's get on with the basic bloggin tips for beginners.

1. First of course you need to find a service to start blogging with. The two most popular services are Blogger and WordPress. Both are great websites to use (I will create a post in the future about the differences), but the big difference is that Blogger provides AdSense integration and is very user friendly. So this is great for someone who knows nothing about blogging and wants to be able to make money with their blog. blogs are great but they do not have the ability to use advertisements. So choose either "profit" or "no profit".

2. Choose your topic. Once again, the topic choice is yours but if you are looking to get a lot of readers, then you will want something that attracts visitors to your blog. Choose a niche that you have and can share with others. Something you are passionate about will show greatly to your readers and will make your blog more personal and interesting. You do not want to choose a topic that you know nothing about because you will not be able to create useful posts and the blog will seem boring.

3. Create a good title and description. This is a very important step because you want your title to stand out. Keep it short and simple. Your description is very crucial because this is what visitors will first see when arriving at your blog and it is what search engines will show. Keep your description within the character limit. Do not overdo it and explain your site in huge detail so that everything is given away and your readers are left not curious. Be short but descriptive and use proper grammar. A blog with a long description scares me away usually, because it seems like the author is begging me to read it all.

4. Choosing a good layout. The layout of your blog is very important because it is the shell of it all and it is what readers always see. A visual impact is important when creating a blog. You do not want to have a layout with bright neon colors everywhere so that it blinds the reader. Try to keep the color scheme blended well so that it pleases the reader's eyes and does not drive them away. Images are great to have so that your blog seems more full and less boring. It gives people something to look at along with the text. So simple, clean, and uncluttered is definitely the way to go when choosing your layout. Color Scheme Designer is a great free tool for this job.

5. Content. As always content is king. Publishing great posts is easy if you take your time, be descriptive and creative, and provide interesting content. Posts that take forever to read, can scare away readers because most have a short reading span. So don't bore your readers with a 5 page story, unless it is necessary and part of your niche.

6. Attract visitors to your blog. This can be the most frustrating part of it all because you spend all that time making posts but do not see anyone reading or subscribing. It is not an easy task to gather up thousands of readers, daily, or even monthly. Be sure to spread the word about your blog without spamming it. Include your blog URL in forum signatures, participate in discussions at other blogs, use Twitter and Facebook, use content sharing websites, and research SEO. These are just a few out of the many ways to increase your visitor count. Check out to learn about SEO and be sure to use their helpful free tools.

7. Patience! The last and most important tip for creating a successful blog is to be patient. It takes time to gain subscribers and for your blog to rank high, so don't get frustrated or give up just because you are not #1 in a month. Hard work pays off, and it will show if you keep blogging the right way.

I hope this list helps out a lot of people who are interested in blogging and inspires others. I will be writing more posts about blogging, AdSense, and SEO in the future. Be sure to share this article so that others can learn!

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Author : Brian Boyer


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