Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Three Basic SEO Tips Bloggers Shouldn't Avoid!

Three Basic SEO Tips Bloggers Shouldn't Avoid!
SEO or search engine optimization is a very crucial yet critical aspect for every blogger. Firstly, it is not an easy thing to do. SEO indeed takes some time to learn. This is where it gets scary for most newbie bloggers. The very term search engine optimization sounds all too techy and the associated methods and complications add to their fear and confusion. This is totally normal and understandable.

But at the same time, we as bloggers, should understand that SEO is not something that we should be scared of. Actually the basics are still the basics, they are quite simple and they don't change much often with the search engine algorithm updates. I mean, there is much less to worry about this way.

So, what are the basic and most crucial SEO tips every blogger should take care of?Here we go!


Doing keyword research is the basic and most effective tip when it comes to doing SEO. I would say that this is where the whole of SEO is based on. If you don't pick the right keywords and if you don't create content around those keywords, you cannot accomplish two things:

You cannot target your readers.

You cannot work on improving your search engine visibility.
As you can see, the second is the ultimate purpose of SEO and the first is the whole purpose of "why" you are trying to do SEO in the first place!

So do not ignore keyword research. Use a free or a paid keyword research tool and pick out the right keywords. Apart from the above mentioned reasons, you should also do keyword research because keywords are the queries your target customers/readers type into the search boxes if they need a solution to a problem or if they need more information. So keywords help you to get to know your customers much better!

SEO content creation

Now that you've done your keyword research it is time to create content around those keywords your unearthed. Those keywords are precious assets; so go build useful and applicable content around those keywords.

While you are at it, don't forget to optimize your blog posts for those keywords. Use the keyword in the title of your post/page (preferably near the start), spread your keywords (main and semantic ones) throughout your article in a quite gently manner, so that it doesn't sound too spammy. Also do provide a good, keyword optimized

SEO meta title and description.

Link building

This is quite a controversial topic, especially after the latest algo updates by Google. But still, links that are generated in a purely white-hat manner surely do matter to boost your search engine rankings.

You can build links to any post or page in your blog/website in a white hat way through blog commenting, guest posting and a little bit of genuine article marketing. More than that, if your content is extraordinary and of great quality you can also get some natural links (others linking to your content) without you doing anything.


Although it is totally understandable that the SEO game is ever changing, white hat SEO and the basics of SEO are still the same. If you do things the white hat way, you should be scared about doing SEO or be worried about search engine algo updates. The basics are very crucial and if they're done in a consistent and correct manner SEO should be painless.

If you want to do professional keyword research to improve your website optimization, you should try out Long Tail Pro.

Author : Jane Sheeba


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