Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Building Backlink Method

After many mistakes regarding my internet marketing strategies, I finally learned how to master the search engines.

I searched all over the internet, and read hours on SEO forums on how to optimize my website and how to get a good ranking. But soon I discovered that the "so called" gurus were just talking BS, and after following their advices, one of my websites got in the Google sandbox.

I learned that posting thousands of links in a day will maybe get you a temporary good ranking, but when you stop posting, your site will soon drop. That is because Google think that your site is going to get a lot of backlinks all the time, and when that's not happening Google will just forget about your site. Anyway, who's got the time and will to post thousands of links every day?

Then I fell for the "do follow" link building strategy. I spent many weeks commenting on only do follow blogs and directories, and in the beginning I got really nice results, but then my site suddenly started to fall in the search engines ranking. First I didn't know what to do, I then started to waste my time on forums and expert blogs. Then I found a little article about the importance of link diversify.

I started to add some "no follow" backlinks to my site and after a little time my site started to climbing back to the first page again. So don't fall for the "do follow" nonsense, "do follow" and "no follow" is not really important when it comes to ranking, but if you only got "do follow" backlinks, Google will think that you are a spammer and then they will slap you in your face.

During my "do follow" blog commenting time, I posted on many of the blog network blogs. First I didn't realize that many of the blogs on,, etc share the same IP. So if you post on many blogs that share the same IP, the backlinks will lose it importance. It is better to post on say 50 blogs with 50 different IPs than to post on 200 blogs with 20 different IPs.

But the big question is, how do you find where to post your links? A very good way is to create forum profile backlinks. There is many forums with high pr, and you can get free quality backlinks on many of those. But how do you find free backlinks?

Well, you can buy expensive softwares that scrape the net for you or you can learn how to get backlinks []. Remember, when you start building your backlinks, get 3 different keywords. Use your main keyword 60% of the time. Don't leave unnecessary footprints.

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Author : Eric Luson


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