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How to Generate More Traffic For Yourself

How to Generate More Traffic For Yourself
There are tons of marketers online trying to make a buck, and I mean tons of them! I am one of those included in that tons of people, but I am operating on much more of an advanced level then the majority.

People struggle to get traffic online, there's no doubt about that. So today, because I know how difficult it can be to get traffic to your website, I am going to spill the beans and lay it out very simple for you.

Traffic is easy to get!

If you want to get traffic, start posting ads, and start writing your ads properly. Don't only give your viewer one way to contact you. Have at least a phone number and email address. Also a computer with Internet.

Driving traffic with a magnetic ad could be one of the easiest ways to get your product or service noticed. By simply telling your viewer what you offer, and providing a phone number you are acting as a magnet. Your traffic is like metal coming right at you. You goal is to take that metal or that traffic and convert it, into $ and new friends or networkers.

Other ways you can generate tons of traffic is by offering free merchandise. Tell your prospects that with every $100 they spend you will reward them with a $5 gift card to a local restaurant. Don't reveal the name of the restaurant, because it could generate curiousness as to what it could be. They will spend the money anyway so they can get not only your product but find out what they will get extra.

Always have an opt in submit box on your website if you have a website. Even on a blog or your social networking about me section. If there is no way for your leads to contact you, then you might as well just be wasting your time to flood the Internet with your content.

Yes writing articles and blogs will increase your traffic. Just be smart about what you include on your page. Why not let your viewer see everything you have, or provide plenty of back links that will take them to other content created by you.

Back links are just websites you've created with your same info or payment ad method, and are all linked together though hyper links that say click here for more info and such type. As you start reading the content, you start clicking the links, and navigate to new pages.

So traffic is all in how you operate. More traffic is all in how much you operate. Make sure you ads are on point, and then go market. Next up you can watch the sales calls roll in. Don't be afraid to close sales if a customer is on the phone asking you questions. Questions are great, you just got to make sure that you have the education to be doing that kind of work. That is why I always recommend studying up on as much content as you can find.

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