Monday, 24 June 2013

Short Code to Optimize Your Blogspot

Short Code to Optimize Your Blogspot

For those of you who rely on bloggers as a web media platforms of your online business, then you need to optimize your blogspot website. Because as we know together that blogspot's less SEO friendly, but very good for all who want to start an online business with free.

Here are simple tips that I have to help you optimize your blogspot on every title of the article to be more friendly to search engines. All you have to do is to add a simple line of code in the blogspot article title template code that you currently use. Here's the simple code I mean:


How to add the code is as follows:

1). Go to the Edit HTML page in your dashboard.

2). Find this code:


3). Change the code becomes

expr:href='' expr:title='data:post.title'

4). Save the results of your editing

Now try to slide your mouse on one of your blogspot article titles. You'll see a tooltip title of the article.

This is almost the same way as we create a link that is anchor text. At the time of the search engines crawling your blog, each article title will be seen as an anchor text to seo friendly.

In addition to these simple tips, you can also maximize your blogspot article page in a way that I have called A New Generation Blogger Post Title Optimization. The new mode will display the meta description according to the posting page which are created in your article title. You can learn more there. Hopefully useful.

Lets discuss about Blogspot SEO and Blogger CSS Templates at New Generation of Blogger Blogger Post Title Optimization.

Author : Saul Dr

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